Simulating multiple drones in Sphinx


I want to run a simulation using multiple Anafi drones. I am trying with only 2 drones. Is it possible to do it in Sphinx? (FYI: I have a 2.12 version of Sphinx).

Thank you in advance.


It is not possible to run a simulation with multiple drones in Sphinx.

Thank you, Sir, for the quick reply.

I’ve read your responses to the topic in Running multiples drones in a simulation - #27 and I am just wondering if this is still working in the newest version of Sphinx.

Thank you.

It was possible to simulate multiple drones with Sphinx 1.x, but this feature is not available anymore since Sphinx 2.x.

Thank you again, Sir, for your response.

My last question would be: is there any simulator alternative to Sphinx where the Parrot drone models are already build?


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