Can you explain why Sphinx 2 does not support multiple drones / give some hints to overcome this limitation?


We have a need for a simulation that supports multiple drones at the same time.

I have understood, from previous posts, that Sphinx 2 currently does not support multiple drones :
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But I could not find a clear explanation of the reason of this limitation.
And, as it appears to have been supported by Sphinx 1, maybe this limitation could be bypassed again in Sphinx 2?
A colleague told me it was neither about Gazebo, nor Unreal, but about IP addresses, but it’s not clear to me how.

And this need is important for us, so I must find a way.

Could you explain the reason of this limitation, and, if possible, give some hints about how we could hypothetically overcome it? (even if implies some development on our side)

Best regards.


When we switched from Gazebo to Unreal for renderings, we did not consider the support of multiple drones in the communication protocol between Gazebo and Unreal. And our Unreal plugin only supports one drone instance. I am sorry but it is not something you can overcome by yourself.

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Thank you for your answer, I understand that I should not use Sphinx for my need of multiple drones simulation.
So I try it another way:
Do you have knowledge of (or would you even recommend) some other simulation platform that would simulate accurately (not as accurately as Sphinx, but resembling enough) the Parrot Anafi AI (according to its flight model) (and would support multiple drones)?
Best regards

Hi @efelan,

Unfortunately, we know of no alternative for simulating the Parrot Anafi AI on another simulator.


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