ANAFI AI connection to QGroundControl

Hi all!

Can anyone help me please to connect QGroundControl to a real Anafi AI Drone? Which QGroundControl version to use and which connection type and ports?
I got connection by connecting the PC with QGroundControl to ANAFI AI’s wifi network, but Unknown Flight mode and no telemetry data.
I tried also to open UDP ports 14550 and 5600 in QGroundControl, Skycontroller is turned off.
Do I need to change anything else in QGroundControl settings?

macOS PC
latest QGroundControl
ANAFI AI drone

Thanks a lot for your help!


There is no official support of QGC for ANAFI Ai to this day. On a real ANAFI Ai the behaviour is like you described: the connection is established but little to no telemetry is received and piloting is not possible.


Thanks for your answer!
Do you know if this feature will be released in the near future?

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