ANAFI SDK Availability


Dear Parrot Developers,

We have great news!

The first public release of ANAFI SDK will be available at the end of April.

Yes, it took some time … but it was worth it :slightly_smiling_face:

We are really excited about this!

Here is a sneak peek of what you will find in the ANAFI SDK:

  • Frameworks for iOS (CocoaPods) and Android (AAR) to build mobile apps :iphone:
  • Video libraries and tools to focus on image processing :video_camera:
  • Python :snake: library to build desktop apps and work on research/educational projects :school:
  • Full simulation environment on Linux :desktop_computer:
    … and much more!

All of this will come fully documented with a comprehensive iOS and Android demo application. (binary and source code!)

You can already contact us using this form and talk about your future project or application, we will be happy to chat with you and guide you before the official release date!
We will also reorganize the developer forum with new categories, and a focus on the ANAFI platform.

We can’t wait for you to start developing on the ANAFI and see what you will create!

See you soon!

Parrot Dev Team


Parrot Anafi SDK
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