ANAFI SDK Availability

Dear Parrot Developers,

We have great news!

The first public release of ANAFI SDK is available.

Yes, it took some time … but it was worth it :slightly_smiling_face:

We are really excited about this!

Here is a sneak peek of what you will find in the ANAFI SDK:

  • Frameworks for iOS (CocoaPods) and Android (AAR) to build mobile apps :iphone:
  • Video libraries and tools to focus on image processing :video_camera:
  • Python :snake: library to build desktop apps and work on research/educational projects :school:
  • Full simulation environment on Linux :desktop_computer:
    … and much more!

All of this comes fully documented with a comprehensive iOS and Android demo application. (binary and source code!)

We can’t wait for you to start developing on the ANAFI and see what you will create!

Parrot Dev Team


Hello everyone,
the release date is approaching! :slight_smile:

We are going to release lots of updates in the weeks to come:

  • a major Freeflight update (v6.5)
  • a new major update for ANAFI (v1.5)
  • the firmware for the new ANAFI THERMAL

We have to sync all of this (and particularly the Freeflight validation on iOS and Android stores) with the SDK public release, as we want you to have the latest features available in the SDK.

If everything works smoothly, we will make the final push on May 6th!

Almost there!:rocket:

Parrot Dev Team


This is fantastic- thanks for keeping us updated.


Fantastic! Looking forward to this!

This update is exciting. :slight_smile: :sunny:

Any news about? When it will become?

As they said ,it will be available on may 6th…

I also am really looking forward to the Anafi SDK.
It is the main reason that I bought a Anafi.
Thank you Parrot developers for making the time to work on this.

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Sitting here drinking my coffee and hoping we hear some good news today. :+1:

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:popcorn: :coffee:

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I am pressing F5 every 5 seconds since 08.00 am - It’s 17.49!!! -:slight_smile:

Not in my timezone! :slight_smile:

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It’s already May 7th here.

And here it is!


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Jerome will there be a forum re-design as well? Still wondering if & when we will see a pilots wishlist :slight_smile: THAT still would be awesome to have…

Keep up the great work!


There is no special built-in function in the discourse tool for that, I guess we can just open a new thread called [WISHLIST] and create a wiki on the first post to edit it.
I’ll do that :wink:

THAT would be great Jerome…I already pushed for some ideas on the german forum(s) so happy to add those ideas as a first starter :slight_smile:

Let me know once that is done…


Is there somewhere a prebuild/compiled .arr library for download.