Anafi + swarm + ros

I want to use Anafi to fly in a swarm manner in ros environment for collaborative long rage SLAM. But I really encounter too many issues with this drone.

To achieve swarm, there are two approaches.

One is all N drone connecting to the same PC by N wifi dongle.
The second one is to use N drone with N raspberry pi, then forward the image and data by ROS multi-machine to the server.

However i encounter issues with both ways.

For the first way, some 1 proposed a pre-route method for changing the IP address for the different drones. But it didn’t work for me. Still, only 1 drone can be connected. The error is described in the link

For the second way, I tried to run the N drone with N virtual machine. but the lag is up to 20 to 30 sec. So i try to install the olympe on N raspberry PI. but encounter many software incompatibilities.
I saw others also has similar issues with PI Olympe Cross Compile on Raspberry Pi 4B It is nearly impossible for me to grab N good notebook PC with 18.04 to run the olympe.

Can Anafi developer reply to email and provide some support?
The simplest way is to have a config function in the drone app so that I can fix the drone IP for different instances. If not, please provide a tested script for pre route

Shenghai Yuan