Olympe Cross Compile on Raspberry Pi 4B


I refer to this topic but still get compilation error after building Olympe.

./build.sh -p olympe-linux -A all final -j

The OS on my pi4 is Raspbian.
As a newbie, I am not permitted to attach files. Here is the link of mk files.
Appreciate your helps!!



Can you retry with a clean build (just rm -rf out) and share a complete build log ?



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I clean the files of out fold and end up getting ‘finish task alchemy’ but the error still exists.

Here is the build log I upload in the same link:


I also tried the code that works on a normal Ubuntu 18.04 but it failed on Pi4.

Could you point out the files in SDK related to TCP/UDP socket? I am building controller through Pi4. In case Olympe wouldn’t work, I can keep moving on…

Thanks for any of your tips


This may be too late - but I found a solution here to setup on a Raspberry Pi 4:

hope this helps