Anafi USA swarm control

Hello everyone,

We purchased 4 Anafi USA as a monitoring tool for the fire scene for public safety.
Because we need to use a computer to control 4 vehicles with Olympe at the same time, after reading the posts on the forum, I found that the main integration problem is that each ANAFI (USA) has the same IP.

I would like to ask if ANAFI USA, which is positioned as a professional purpose, has a way to change it to a different IP?

Many thanks



If you connect your 4 SkyController USB-C port to the same Ethernet network (using USB/Ethernet adapters and an Ethernet router). The SkyControllers should pickup their IP address from the DHCP server running on the router instead of their statically configured IP address.

From there, you should be able to connect to any SkyController on this network with Olympe using their DHCP leased IP address.



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