Announcement: Parrot Sphinx 2.12.2

Parrot Sphinx 2.12.2 is now available!

Here are the main improvements of this version.

  • [light] full refactoring of the way light and sky are managed.
    • mode “intense_light” has been removed.
    • JSON-RPC interface now comes with presets, allowing the user to instantly change the atmosphere in an easy manner.
    • several parameters added so the user can fine-tune around each preset.
    • it is possible to adjust the presence of fog
    • the world levels come either with statically built light or dynamic light. An indicator located in the upper-right corner tells the kind of light.
  • [HMI] use colored gradient to display depths, disparities and distances
  • [HMI] floating pane’s transparency is adjustable
  • [HMI] new keyboard shortcut “M” to maximize/minimize current view
  • [HMI] “Camera Connections” window is no more floating
  • [HMI] ability to disply a gizmo widget in “user” or “follow” camera window
  • [HMI] more settings saved and retrieved at each start and set at the bottom of the main window
  • [scene] ability to hide actors using JSON-RPC interface
  • [camera] for depth/disparity/distance cameras, ability to enable/disable masking of the drone body
  • [camera] depth maps are optionally rendered with the “native” resolution provided in configuration
  • [camera] support of lens flare has been (temporarily) removed.
  • [gps] RTK fix status parameter added
  • [actors] collision box of the moving hand has been fine tuned.
  • [wind] support of gusts added. Gust can be either parametric or predefined
  • [wind] low pass filters applied on both the static and dynamic parts
  • [tools] several changes in the arguments of sphinx-get-logs
  • [tools] simple reset command added to sphinx-cli
  • [exprtk] new kind of noise: “markov_noise”
  • [system] Debian Buster is no more supported
  • [system] support of Wayland

For more details, take a look at the user guide here: What is Parrot Sphinx - 2.14.1

The Parrot Sphinx team

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