Confusion regarding accessibility of stream raw bytestream

Hello, I’m new to android- and parrot development and I’m currently integrating Parrot drones to an existing android application that stream drone video to a web application using WebRTC. However, going through the documentation and forums, it seems like this is not a supported feature, this is further enhanced by the responses to numerous threads, where some of the more prevalent threads regarding this question are:

None of these posts mention the PDrAW library which seems to do just what I want. So my question is, considering PDrAW, is it possible to stream the video from a drone to a web application using android? Or am I completely misunderstanding its usability and availability in android development?



No, I’m afraid there is no way yet to process the drone video stream in order to forward it to some webRTC layer/API.


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Indeed there was no easy way of doing it. However we did manage to get the raw bytestream with the help of PDrAW. I believe what originally confused me about this issue was the perceived status of PDrAW, whether it was considered an internal API or not. With some JNI implementations we did eventually manage to fetch the YUV frame data in a matter that did not seem to interfere with the internal API. I can only hope that potential changes made to the internal API in the future will not affect PDrAW poorly, as that would evidently lessen the work that was made to get it to work.

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