Ground SDK Stream Sink

I am looking at the Ground SDK and was wondering if there was any way to use the Interface Stream Sink to get the H.264 video from the Ground SDK video stream?

I would like to be able to use this to get the video stream and pass to our RTSP video streaming code in order to distribute the drone video. Is this achievable using this interface? Given the Ground SDK already has the video stream to render to the streamView, so is there any accessible interfaces to grab that stream?



Hey simon2icworld,

I too tried to solve the problem in accessing the raw h264 stream under Android as the GsdkStreamView is interweaved with the underlying C++ code of pdraw and as I only have rudimentary knowledge of C++ I am not the right person to do it.

Maybe the following old thread might be of help for you in case you haven’t read it so far:

The thread contains an answer regarding the h264 stream: “There is no public API (yet) to access the raw h264 byteStream”

I hope my answer was helpful in some way,