Connect Anafi_ai to external server


I’m a new developer in the drone world.
I have an Anafi AI drone and I want the drone to be able to access the internet. (Not sure if this is possible)

I am trying to implement something simple to start with:
I want to connect the drone to my server.
When a server sends a trigger to the drone, I want the drone to execute a custom mission.
After the mission, the drone comes back home and lands.
I want to extract it’s captured media remotely.

Please let me know if this can possibly be implemented.


@ndessart ,

Can you please help me with this? I’d really appreciate it.

At the moment there is basically the possibility to connect the server via the SkyController first with WLAN and then to get a secured 4G connection via the secured WLAN connection. The background for this way is that the 4G IP address can change with every startup of the drone.
For our project we are planning a service on the side of the drone, which is activated by the drone at the start of the mission and can connect to a fixed IP address of the server. By including C or Python libraries this should not be a problem.
At the moment there is some ambiguity about the automatic activation of a particular mission when the drone is turned on.

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