Connect to multiple ANAFI


I need to connect to multiple ANAFI’s from one PC.
I referred here. However, executing the solution, “”, still results in an error.
The output errors are as follows

./ 行 23: 対応する `)' を探索中に予期しないファイル終了 (EOF) です

As I am Japanese, the output is in Japanese.

How can I solve this problem?

Could you translate it for us or change your system langage in English ?

Hello, Jerome.
Thanks for the reply.

I checked the program again. Then I discovered that I had been unnecessarily indenting.
I corrected the program and was able to change the IP configuration.

However, another problem arose.
First, we changed the IP configuration with the following command.

./ setup wlxxx 201

The connection to ANAFI was successful. Next, I ran the following command.

./ cleanup wlxxx 201

Then I couldn’t connect to ANAFI even if IP address was “” or “”.
Is this a problem with my operation?

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