Drone automatically starts moving after take off why?

when i modify the world map as given in the sphinx example.
if i change the coordinate to
on takeoff the drone automatically moves forward.
but if i change it back to
it works properly.

is there a setting that i should set when i change my starting position? or is this a bug?


If you change the spherical coordinates, you also need to change the magnetic field. Here are some magnetic field values for your first set of coordinates:

  <magnetic_field>5.8443e-07 2.6467e-05 -3.6022e-05</magnetic_field>

There are lots of tools to compute a magnetic field from spherical coordinates. You can try that one: NCEI Geomagnetic Calculators

<magnetic_field>0.0785e-6 41.0053e-6 -9.739e-6</magnetic_field>
hi ocrave
the above is what i tried but the uav still moves forward
could you tell me what’s the magetic field vector format is like ? i tried matching it with the North, east and vertical component but i couldnt figure it out.

I tried the values u gave me you gave me in the magnetic_field it worked but i couldnt derive those values from the magnetic calculator.

<magnetic_field>5.8443e-07 2.6467e-05 -3.6022e-05</magnetic_field>

thanks for yr reply

For the same coordinates, I get this magnetic field using my own method:

<magnetic_field>1.06967132568e-07 4.09445819731e-05 9.872920321e-06</magnetic_field>

It’s quite similar to what you get with the NCEI calculator, so I guess you just need to remove the negative sign on the z value:

<magnetic_field>0.0785e-6 41.0053e-6 9.739e-6</magnetic_field>

thanks it worked.

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