Error at install test Olympe

When I try to test the olympe installation with
python -c ‘import olympe; print(“Installation OK”)’

I got these error
TypeError: new() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘boundary’

AttributeError: ‘ModuleLoader’ object has no attribute ‘message_root’

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘olympe.messages’

What should I do ?

I referred this video.

And, I typed
pip install --upgrade aenum==2.2.5
reffering Import olympe olympe.messages not found

But I can’t.

Hi matsuura.

Have you typed this upgrade while you were in the shell repository?

Try with this:

source ~/code/parrot-groundsdk/./products/olympe/linux/env/shell

pip install --upgrade aenum==2.2.5


I reinstalled OS and tried your method .
I was able to install Olympe with the message Installation OK.
Thank you very much.

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