Gimbal: Not possible to set relative frame of reference


I am having trouble setting the gimbal attitude of my Anafi FPV to relative both in Olympe and FreeFlight 6.

Olympe: It always ignores my “frame_of_reference” command and keeps the attitude absolute. I know that the command goes through because I can see the gimbal moving to my desired attitude, but when I move the drone around, I can see that the attitude is absolute as the gimbal counteracts my movements.

FreeFlight 6: I go to Preferences/Presets and then choose gimbal dynamic for the mode I am flying in. Then when I take off and do some pitching forwards and backwards I can visibly see that the camera is still stabilized on the horizon. So the dynamic command is clearly ignores here also.

Is this a bug with my drone or is it meant to be this way for the Anafi FPV?

All answers are very appreciated! Please respond quickly as I am finishing up a thesis at school :-).

Best regards