How can I get thermal image from ANAFI Thermal with Olympe

Whatever i change:

It only can get RGB image
How can i get thermal image in live stream:pensive:

The thermal stream is not available in Olympe at the moment.

@Jerome So is there has other way i can get thermal image? :pensive::pensive:
My research need it

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I would also like this feature so if there IS an alternative or if there are plans to provide this functionality please let us know.

Hey there,
I’m new to developing code in Olympe environment and with drones in general. I’m taking part of a project the demands the use of a thermal video stream using the ANAFI Thermal drone. I have read the Jerome’s response earlier, but at the same time, I found that Olympe.drone.start_video_streaming() method suggests possible media_name values, that one of which is ”ParrotThermalVideo”.
it says it allowing replaying a thermal video. what does it mean? does it allow thermal video streaming?

Hi @Ben10,

“ParrotThermalVideo” media name is available when you ask for a video streaming replay (i.e. the drone stream a previously recorded thermal video).

As Jerome previously said, the live thermal video streaming is not available through Olympe.


Thank you for your patient and swift reply Nicolas

@ndessart Is there any possibility that it will available in the future.