Thermal Streaming (ANAFI USA)


We are extensively using Olympe and have built a fair amount of code with it. We currently have streaming working (modified for the 7.0.0 changes to the API) for the main RGB camera, but we would also like to stream from the thermal camera. I see in this thread that the Olympe API may not expose this, however it seems that the Android/iOS GroundSDKs do. Is there a plan to add this capability to Olympe? If so, is there a roadmap for when it will be available? If not, is there any other way to get thermal images from the ANAFI USA? (Burst photo using cam_id=1?) This would be incredibly useful for our work.


I see that this thread was left on a similar note. Bringing this functionality to Olympe would be very advantageous for us. In addition to streaming images from either the main camera or the thermal one, adding the ability to configure things like the resolution of the frames that are received by the callback and the rate at which they are generated would be helpful. It seems that we get a 720p image at 30FPS regardless of what the camera resolution and framerate are currently set to.

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