How to fly in Guided Mode indoors without gps (send velocity/relative-position commands)


Hi guys, I am trying to write an iOS app using Ground SDK where I want to send moveToRelativePosition commands to the drone. I am doing this indoors i.e. in GPS denied environment. I get the following reasons for unavailability of guided mode in indoor conditions once the drone is in air:
Guided Mode unavailable: Optional("[droneGpsInfoInaccurate, droneNotCalibrated]")

  • droneGpsInfoInaccurate: Is it possible to programmatically fly indoors/GPS-denied conditions?
  • droneNotCalibrated: Using the FreeFlight7 app I confirmed that all the calibrations were healthy. Then why do I see this warning? How do I remove this warning?

Parrot site says indoor flights are possible but without automated modes: Does this mean that the SDK’s GuidedMode is also unavailable?

  • What are the required conditions to allow indoor automated flights?
  • What is the max allowed altitude indoors? Can I fly upto 15m without GPS?

Thanks a lot for reading, excited to be a part of this community.

I am now using PilotingItfs.manualCopter to control roll and pitch angles for indoor motion control.
For readers interested in doing the same, you have to make sure that the above mode is selected and also set the copilot to application mode. Following snippets might be useful: Notice, the usable copilot peripheral is only available on remote controller device. Drone also exposes it but it’s not usable.

private var copilotPeripheralRef: Ref<Copilot>?
copilotPeripheralRef = remote?.getPeripheral(Peripherals.copilot) { copilot in
            if let copilot = copilot {
                print("Guided: copilot:\(copilot.setting.source.description)")
if let copilot = copilotPeripheralRef?.value {
            copilot.setting.source = CopilotSource.application
            print("Guided: copilot:\(copilotPeripheralRef?.value?.setting.source.description)")

However, it will be great if I could send velocity commands instead. Please add this feature.


Indeed, guided piloting is an automated mode, and is not available in indoors conditions. You made the right choice using manual piloting interface!
There is no maximum allowed altitude indoors.


Thank you very much for the confirmation. Is there a possibility to add a feature that allows velocity control or relative position control modes in GPS-denied environments?
I think that will hugely improve the utility and safety of parrot drones and allow robust indoor autonomy.
Thanks again for considering these requests.


ANAFI series drones don’t know of their positions in GPS-denied environments. As a result, it’s not possible to add any velocity or relative position control.


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