How to fly in Guided Mode indoors without gps


Hi guys, I am trying to write an iOS app using Ground SDK where I want to send moveToRelativePosition commands to the drone. I am doing this indoors i.e. in GPS denied environment. I get the following reasons for unavailability of guided mode in indoor conditions once the drone is in air:
Guided Mode unavailable: Optional("[droneGpsInfoInaccurate, droneNotCalibrated]")

  • droneGpsInfoInaccurate: Is it possible to programmatically fly indoors/GPS-denied conditions?
  • droneNotCalibrated: Using the FreeFlight7 app I confirmed that all the calibrations were healthy. Then why do I see this warning? How do I remove this warning?

Parrot site says indoor flights are possible but without automated modes: Does this mean that the SDK’s GuidedMode is also unavailable?

  • What are the required conditions to allow indoor automated flights?
  • What is the max allowed altitude indoors? Can I fly upto 15m without GPS?

Thanks a lot for reading, exited to be a part of this community.