How to read .bin log file


I want to read log file but i don’t know how to do

I tried to use but i got an error

Did i miss something ?

Is this missing??

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That’s work thanks!
I am stupid not to have tried to install the missing library…

But, could you share with me about how to decode the content of file “log.bin”? Thanks a lot.

Sure, here are my personal notes on how to do it:

-clone GitHub - Parrot-Developers/logger
-download log: drone ip in browser ( → tab fdr → download
-cd logger/tools
-pip3 install py-lz4framed if needed (error next step)
-mkdir log-out
-python3 ./ -o path/to/log-out
-open ulog-merge.txt or to read logs in terminal with colors →
-python3 ./ path/to/log-out/ulog-main.bin

I dont know how to read .tlmb or .bin that are not ulog-xxx.bin

If you have any questions don’t hesitate

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