Reading .bin log file with failed to decrypt aes key error

I am attempting to turn log.bin files that were sent to me into readable files as discussed in this posting How to read .bin log file. I have followed the steps provided except instead of connecting the the UAS myself and pulling the logs, I was sent and FDR folder with multiple log.bin files within it. I ran into some errors with modules not being available, but got them added in and ran the command:

~python3 ./ -o ./log-out L:/FDR/log.bin

The first bin file is simply titled “log.bin” the rest are much longer names in the format log-xx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxx.bin. I get the following error log:

[I] Source: id=256 version=3 plugin=‘internal’ name=‘header’
[I] Merge ulog files
[E] File corrupted: Failed to decrypt aes key: HTTPSConnectionPool(host=‘’, port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /?action=decrypt&key=241c65f5b9d92e867a31d2ed5b4fc6e7fd47bceb6279cfd5f1bb6a56cf6f16aa&input=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 (Caused by NewConnectionError(’<urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0x000001B49972FD00>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 11001] getaddrinfo failed’))

With this looking like an error related to connecting to a http I am uncertain of what I have done wrong and/or if this tool must be ran while connected to the UAS and cannot be ran with sent files.

I would appreciate an insight or assistance, thank you!


For confidentiality reasons, the drone log files are not readable outside of Parrot.
The error you are getting is to be expected.

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