How to use Flightplan

Hey can you guide me on how to use the Flightplan for the Anafi drone. I Saw that the Air SDK is only for anafi ai but the ANAFI has flightplan I just dont know how to code one and where to find the information. Is it the Olympe ?
Asking for some guidance thanks.


You really need to create a few plans with the app for any use cases you need, and start from there.

I think here is the most detailed ‘doc’ I have found so far: Can Ground SDK write a flight plan to FreeFlight6's folder?

Other points are that you can’t set the camera/gimbal angle in the very first block after take-off, else you can’t start the plan (at least from the app), the drone just hovers there. Also multiplying separate photo/video blocks seems an issue, recording often stops after a few…

I developped a personal QGIS plugin for grid and corridor flights, starting with an existing ‘Flight Planner’ (?), as the Parrot app FlightPlan doesn’t offer grids planning, that way I can produce the savedPlan.json files but that’s about it. I’m on Windows and can’t command the drone directly from the script, I need to copy the files on my phone…

The .json structure is not too complicated, but I already had to experiment a lot, without any serious documentation…

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