Installation of Parrot Olympe 7.1 on RPI 4B


I have created a gist for the successful installation of the Parrot Olympe SDK 7.1 on a Raspberry PI 4B with Raspberry OS Lite Legacy 32bit.

Basically I was starting from this great source and subsequent comments: Olympe 1.01 on Raspberry pi zero and pi3 A+

But there were some additional issues to solve, especially a downgrade of the Numpy dependency to 1.21.4 was necessary, otherwise the numpy wheel didn’t compile (I tried everything…).

Interested readers: If possible, please follow and comment. I’m especially interested in knowing, if the downgrade of numpy (currently 1.21.6) to 1.21.4 could cause problems down the road.

The gist can be found here:


One thing I noticed: The Parrot pre-requirement setup brings OpenCV to the box, as far as I could see all binaries for an OpenCV 3.2. The python dependency on top installs a 4.5.5 python wrapper. Can that work? Or wouldn’t it also better here to install the appropriate Python wrapper for 3.2.0?

This is great, thanks! I’m currently developing on Raspberry Pi Zero W and still cannot connect to Anafi properly.

Btw, why you’re using Raspberry Pi OS Lite Legacy and not the latest one?

Btw, why you’re using Raspberry Pi OS Lite Legacy and not the latest one?

Well, my deployment also contains code for doing WebRTC stuff. For this I’m using GStreamer from source code. I couldn’t manage to compile GStreamer on that OS for now…

Has nothing to do with the Parrot, it’s maybe worth a try if you are just using the Drone SDK

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