Olympe 1.01 on Raspberry pi zero and pi3 A+

Here’s a way to install Olympe v1.01 on a Raspberry Pi 3 (A+, B, Zero).
It’s a synthesis of this, this and this .

  • Install Raspbian Stretch LITE .

  • Get Olympe files :

        sudo apt-get install repo
        repo init -u https://github.com/Parrot-Developers/groundsdk-manifest.git
        repo sync
  • Install dependencies :

  • Modify CPU Target :

        cd parrot-groundsdk/build/alchemy/toolchains
        sudo nano cpu.mk

    Add the following lines to cpu.mk :

        ifeq ("$(TARGET_CPU)",“pi3”)
        TARGET_GLOBAL_CFLAGS += -march=armv7-a
        TARGET_FLOAT_ABI ?= hard
  • Modify build configuration

        cd parrot-groundsdk/products/olympe/linux/config
        sudo nano product.mk

    Add the folowing line to product.mk

        TARGET_GLOBAL_CFLAGS_arm := -mfloat-abi=hard
        TARGET_CPU = pi3
  • Build Olympe.

       ./build.sh -p olympe-linux -A all final -j

Sphinx seems to need too much hardware ressources to even think about using it on a Raspberry.
Sphinx needs more power.

yep! :slight_smile: found out the hard way. Thank you for all the olympe work you’ve posted for Pi!

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You’re late welcome :wink:

I just wanted to acknowledge that the same lines of code posted here also work on Raspberry Pi. Thank you very much for this.

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I wanted to show appreciation for this solution, this worked for me - I changed one line:

TARGET_GLOBAL_CFLAGS += -march=armv7-a

to this: (for raspberry pi 4)

TARGET_GLOBAL_CFLAGS += -march=armv8-a+crc+simd