Is it possible to modify the UE4 applications (scenes)?


Iā€™m wondering if is it possible to import FBX models to the scenes or creating our own scenes using UE4 version 4.26.2 with the connection with parrot-sphinx.

The thing is that we are doing a simulation of a local environment and we want it to recreate it as much as possible.

Thanks in advance :grinning:

Not for the moment, but we are working on making it possible !

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oh :cry:
thank you,by the way, is it possible to open this screen while running the simulation?

This IS the simulation, so yes you can have similar info on your screen

Oh yeah sorry, I had a problem with vulkan drivers. The simulation only loaded the scene without menus.
Thank you for your help. :blush:

The new HMI ( is available in sphinx 2.3, just published today for partners.