Sphinx 2.3 with Gazebo only without the UE4

Hello there Parrot team,

Thank you for the great improvement on the Sphinx simulator!

My question is related to this post. Can we somehow open Sphinx with Gazebo only excluding the UE4?

In the sphinx --help, it states

Usage: sphinx <path/to/file.drone>[::option1=value1[::option2::value2]]...
               [<path/to/file.world>] [options]

So, I thought by including a .world file it would open up Gazebo and then I could customize the world just as I did in the old Sphinx. Instead, I got Unrecognized XML file '/opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/gazebo-11/worlds/empty.world'

Have I made a mistake or Sphinx 2.3 indeed does not support opening only Gazebo and customizing it?

Daniel Izham

Hello Daniel,

At the moment, you can’t create your own world. The default .world file is /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/worlds/void.world . It contains no model since every object now comes from Unreal.

Oh I see. Is there a way I can change the mesh/design of the floor at least? From your reply and reading the forum and documentation, it seems like there is no way but I hope you can guide me to something not already mentioned in those sites.

I know I can use the segmentation camera of the Anafi Ai to achieve something similar to that, but I am using the regular Anafi actually and it’d nice to see the changes without having to use the embedded camera of the drone.

No, I’m sorry but you can’t modify the worlds.

Thank you, Ocrave, for your prompt replies.

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