Low quality video resolution for sphinx

I want to know video streaming resolution values used when enabling video streaming with lower guilty in Sphinx.
I want to use the same values on the real drone.

The low_gpu option does not change the image resolution. It changes the resolution of the cubemap texture, that is the number of pixels for 90° angle. The default value is 2048 pixels. With low_gpu, it becomes 128 pixels which results in a blurrier image. In either case, the sensor resolution is always 4K and the firmware performs stabilization by cropping the output (in the case of the simulator, it defines a new viewport inside the 4K images).

The low_gpu parameter can’t be used on a real drone. It is only available for the simulator.

Thank you orcave.
but is there any option on the real drone to lower the guilty of the video streaming?

With a Bebop 2, you can send a Set video resolutions command with Parrot SDK to choose between 480p and 720p.

This topic has more info:

Thank you orcave,
At which time this API should be called, After video streaming has been started or before?