Parrot ANAFI drone for Programming in Python

I am currently using DJI Tello EDU drone for my university project. I have written codes in Python to control drone and operate it. However, in Tello drone there is no GPS or localizing system which can locate drone accurately. So, I am considering shifting to Parrot ANAFI series of drones.

My question is:

  1. Can I control Parrot ANAFI drone with python script on Windows 10 (mean can I tell the drone to turn left using python)?
  2. Can I receive video or picture using python?
  3. Can I get GPS reading or localization system reading from Parrot ANAFI using Python?

Also, I would be thankful if you can recommend the best Parrot ANAFI drone (Base, Extended, FPV, or Work).

Hi @starlink ,

  1. Yes, you can do much more than that, but moveBy is the simplest command to do what you are asking.
  2. Yes, you can reference the example from Olympe.
  3. Certainly, you can get this data at any time from Drone.get_state()

We have both ANAFI and ANAFI USA drones. The USA is an order of magnitude more expensive and slightly larger, but that does come with longer battery life and an additional IR camera.

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Thanks @teiszler for your response.

Windows are not supported by olympe, neither sphinx (the simulation software).
You can’t use a virtual machine either, so you will have to install ubuntu (dual boot or main drive)

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With the Windows Subsystem for Linux, you can actually run Ubuntu inside of Windows. I can’t say I have tried to use Olympe in this way, but we have run other python applications in this manner without issue.

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