Parrot ANAFI Drone Parameters


I have a Parrot ANAFI Drone. I am using olympe sdk on an ubuntu computer.
I want to get some sensor values of the drone. For example roll,pitch and yaw angles or height of the drone or velocity of the drone etc.
Can I reach these drone parameters ?


You can access metadata from

def show_yuv_frame(self, window_name, yuv_frame):
        # the dictionary contains some useful information
        # such as the video resolution
        info =

        height, width = (  # noqa

        # yuv_frame.vmeta() returns a dictionary that contains additional```

In the above code, yuv_frame.vmeta() gives you entire metadata.

You can also catch the AttitudeChanged message to get the roll,pitch or yaw angles of the drone. For the height, it’s the AltitudeAboveGroundChanged and/or the AltitudeChanged messages.

Please, refers to this example to know how to catch events.


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