Parrot Anafi SDK



Are you going to make available the SDK for Anafi too?
Thank you

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Auriga Team



Yes a brand new sdk will be available. I have no release date about it but be assured that we are working hard on it to have it ready as soon as possible.
In short, this new sdk will be a lot easier to use.
Stay tuned for more information :slight_smile:


Are you going to be changing the underlying byte level commands? Hoping not too much so that my XML parser still works :slight_smile:



The underlying protocol remains the same :wink: We will just expose a more “high level” SDK for mobile applications (i.e. the commands in the xml won’t map one to one to the SDK API). Any dev made for bebop should be usable for Anafi with only a few commands tweaks (I’ll probably do an update to my own python-based projects as an example :wink: )

Oh, and the video is RTSP now, like for the Mambo FPV !



Ok cool. If I can get one (won’t be right away), I can hopefully support it in pyparrot then :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure that Anafi will be supported by our simulator at some point (we already have it internally :smiley: , but it might require some cleanup & optimisation for the public release), for easy testing without an actual hardware.


Interesting. I’ve never tried testing my python hooks into the simulator. I just fly! But that is a good idea.


@Djavan Anychance of the anafi being PX4 compatible?


Any update on the SDK release date?



I just pushed an update of bybop with a really crude Anafi & SkyController 3 support, to show that the protocol is still the same.

It’s not really usable for now because some of the commands that Anafi uses are not yet published in the github arsdk-xml repository. Most of the flight commands are similar between Anafi & Bebop, but most of the other commands (camera / recording / wifi …) are different.



awesome. When will the SDK xml commands get updated?


Thank you for the update!