Parrot Anafi SDK


A modified version of it, yes… but I gave up after getting a bunch of h.264 errors.


Any chance to get an update on SDK availability/plans? FYI we used ANAFIs as part of our approach to win the World Robot Summit Plant Disaster Prevention competition (see photo: and we’d really like to get more control of the MAVs in the future.


Any news about the SDK would be awesome!
I also plan to work with Anafi in my master thesis but for that I’d need SDK support.


I am interested in this too, hope it will be released soon


I would also like to know. I would like to update pyparrot to support the anafi fully.


I’m going to be that guy again.

How’s the SDK coming along?


Hello Parrot Team - Would be great to get an update & schedule from you on the Anafi’s SDK release. Many Thanks!