Parrot Anafi SDK

A modified version of it, yes… but I gave up after getting a bunch of h.264 errors.

Any chance to get an update on SDK availability/plans? FYI we used ANAFIs as part of our approach to win the World Robot Summit Plant Disaster Prevention competition (see photo: and we’d really like to get more control of the MAVs in the future.

Any news about the SDK would be awesome!
I also plan to work with Anafi in my master thesis but for that I’d need SDK support.

I am interested in this too, hope it will be released soon

I would also like to know. I would like to update pyparrot to support the anafi fully.

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I’m going to be that guy again.

How’s the SDK coming along?


Hello Parrot Team - Would be great to get an update & schedule from you on the Anafi’s SDK release. Many Thanks!


any update on this topic? ( will be really appreciated :slight_smile: )

off topic note: it’s only me that see this forum all mess up (with very large icons) since some weeks?

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Yeah, it appears the mobile breakpoint is hosed… CSS maybe?

clean cache to fix the CSS issue :slight_smile:

It’s now been over 6 months since it was announced the SDK will be ready as soon as possible. Can you provide some kind of update?


It’s really embarassing for Parrot that they don’t even bother to respond to this thread!

I totally understand that SDK is not ready yet but can’t believe that they announced the SDK support 8 months ago and now they can’t give a draft estimation.

Thanks & Regards

Bump. Shame that no announcement or date has been made yet.

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We are almost there! :rocket::computer::robot:


Amazing news!!! - Thank you Jerome!:+1:

Just post it … just do it … further delay will not improve the API … it already is what it is! :slight_smile: We’ll love it for what it is no matter what an ugly duckling it starts out as!

APIs are indeed stable… but we are writing the documentation!
This is as important as the code itself, right? :slight_smile:


I was thinking about buying new drone with decent API and this news make my choice so much easier!

Python <3