Precise home when drone is close to home

I have been trying out the PreciseHome feature and it works really nice in most cases.

My implementation of precise home is roughly this:

  • After connect I enable precise home using set_mode(standard).
  • After takeoff I wait until state == available
  • Going home is then activated using NavigateHome

However I don’t understand how to activate this feature when the drone is already close to home (within 20 meters?). If I send the NavigateHome command in this case the drone yaws to point towards the home location, but it does not fly to the home location.

Also, sometimes after takeoff I do not get state == available. How can I restart the precise home feature in this case? Is there a better way than to land and takeoff again?

I am using Olympe 1.2.0 and the problem occurs both using Sphinx and an Anafi drone with FW 1.6.8.


I have a similar problem - I am trying to activate the full NavigateHome behavior when the drone is close to home. Did you find a solution?


Unfortunately not. I am considering implementing my own go home functionality using moveTo commands, but I have not tried it.

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I wrote this code and it works fine. Ok, yaw towards home is missing, but it can be easily calculated and added.

But there is a problem with automatic RTH when the connection is lost with the drone. Then the standard RTH is triggered and it works just as you described - it doesn’t actually fly over the home position if the drone is closer than ca. 20 meters.

I cannot find any way to assign a custom RTH after the connection is lost, or to remove the 20m threshold for automatic RTH. I started a topic about it, but no replies yet:

def move_to_gps(latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, timeout=60):
    assert self._drone(moveTo(latitude=latitude,
                       >> moveToChanged(status='DONE', _timeout=timeout)
                       >> FlyingStateChanged(state="hovering", _timeout=10)).wait().success()

current_position = self._drone.get_state(PositionChanged)
current_latitude = current_position['latitude']
current_longitude = current_position['longitude']

move_to_gps(current_latitude, current_longitude, RTH_ALTITUDE, 0)

home_position = self._drone.get_state(HomeChanged)
home_latitude = home_position['latitude']
home_longitude = home_position['longitude']
home_altitude = home_position['altitude']

move_to_gps(home_latitude, home_longitude, RTH_ALTITUDE, 0)
move_to_gps(home_latitude, home_longitude, home_altitude, 0)