Streaming thermal video in Android Ground SDK

Is there a way to stream thermal video on Android using Ground SDK?

Here’s my code as it stands:

// debug, switch to the thermal camera
ThermalCamera thermalCamera = drone.getPeripheral(ThermalCamera.class);
ThermalControl thermalControl = drone.getPeripheral (ThermalControl.class);
if (thermalControl != null) {
    EnumSetting<ThermalControl.Mode> thermalCameraMode = thermalControl.mode();
    ThermalControl.Mode mode = thermalCameraMode.getValue();
    if (mode != ThermalControl.Mode.STANDARD) {
        ThermalControl.Rendering rendering = new ThermalControl.Rendering() {
            public Mode getMode() {
                return Mode.THERMAL;
            public double getBlendingRate() {
                return 0.5;

// end debug

There are two modes that we can set differently ThermalControl.Mode and ThermalControl.Rendering.Mode. I could tell that setting the ThermalControl.mode to STANDARD did something because the screen aspect ratio changed. However, the video was still visible light. I tested many other settings combinations, but none of the other changes made any noticeable difference.

Are you using the AAR binaries or are you building GroundSDK from the sources?

Thank you for your reply. We are not comipling the sources. We followed the example in the “Hello drone” repsitory:
// Parrot GroundSdk dependencies
implementation ‘com.parrot.drone.groundsdk:sdkcore:1.7.0’
implementation ‘com.parrot.drone.groundsdk:groundsdk:1.7.0’
runtimeOnly ‘com.parrot.drone.groundsdk:arsdkengine:1.7.0’

Here is a sample Android project that will help you using the Thermal features.