Unable to stream thermal video using ground SDK from Anafi thermal (ANDROID)

Has anyone had any success at all streaming thermal video using the ground SDK on android?

I downloaded the ThermalVideoSample code suggested by Jerome in this post (
Streaming thermal video in Android Ground SDK) but I cannot get it to work. The app seems to run fine until the call to getPeripheral accessing the thermal camera. The callback function that is defined never gets called which basically leaves the app sitting there doing nothing because the entire app depends on this call to the camera.

I’ve tried nearly everything I can think of but this function not returning seems to consistently halt my ability to stream thermal video.

        thermalCameraRef = drone?.getPeripheral(ThermalCamera::class.java) { thermalCamera ->
            // Called when the thermal camera is available and when it changes.

            // Start the video stream if the thermal camera is active and the stream not playing.

            liveStreamRef?.get()?.let { liveStream ->
                if (thermalCamera?.isActive == true &&
                    liveStream.playState() != CameraLive.PlayState.PLAYING) {

I’ve also tried updating my drone firmware but it always seems to hang and never actually updates.