Thermal RTSP Address

Continuing on from my post about Thermal RTSP which was closed after it timed out. Thermal rtsp (urgent)

I am not using the SDK, I am using your app and then receiving the stream on my laptop. If we can choose to output thermal on its own or thermal ready for combining, how do i set it so that it does the former from within your app? Is the rtsp address the same?

To use the thermal mode where the drones stream doesn’t require processing by the application, you must go in FF6 settings. In the thermal section, you can disable Thermal Postprocessing. Then, this mode will be used when the drone is in recording mode (in photo mode, the stream must always be processed by the app).
This option is available in FF6 only with an Anafi USA. Anafi Thermal supports the SDK command, but FF6 doesn’t give the option as there would be no benefits in disabling the postprocessing in this case.

you can find ThermalVideoStreamEmbedded samples here (Android / iOS) to stream thermal video with blending embedded on the drone.

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