Thermal rtsp (urgent)

Anafi thermal

I can receive the daylight video stream using rtsp:// but when I switch to thermal I can no longer see the stream.

Does the rtsp address change when thermal is used ?

Your urgent assistance is appreciated as I am out in the field trying to record image data.

The thermal stream is not a simple video stream.
By default it needs some post processing that is currently done inside Freeflight app.

Would that be the same on the anafi usa ?

No. Anafi USA manages thermal streaming like a regular video stream

@Jerome, Thermal and USA both support 2 Thermal modes : one that requires further processing by FreeFlight and one that doesn’t. I don’t know what is supported by Olympe, though.

@ndessart what is the current status with Olympe 7?

How would I enable the normal thermal stream output and would the RTSP address still be the same as the daylight camera?

The SDK command to enable the thermal stream is Thermal.set_mode wth the argument blended
The RTSP address should be the same (but the ressource will have a different name: front-blended instead of front)

Does this mean we should be able to get a thermal stream from the Anafi USA if we use RTSP? Currently we have been trying to get the thermal stream as yuv frames but to no avail. We tried setting thermal.set_mode and enabling/disabling recording for the RGB/IR camera ids.

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