Use stolen interface to transfer data


I’m using Sphinx with a stolen interface to simulate my drone and everything works well.
My phone is connected to the access point Anafi-PC-XXX and I would like to use this connection to communicate between a gazebo plugin and my Android application via UDP. However, I don’t see the stolen interface when I do ifconfig while sphinx is running, it looks like the hostapd intance is running “inside” firmwared so I can’t use it to communicate, is that true ?

I don’t know to which interface I should send my packets …

Any idea ?
Thanks !


As you said, the stolen interface is used by hostapd running in the firmware and cannot be accessed from outside that firmware instance.

Ok, thanks for your reply.

As an alternative, do you have an idea of how I could connect to a specific drone IP with the ground SDK (I mean without using the AutoConnection facility) ?